EuroPsy promotion in Lithuania, January 2015
BÖP EuroPsy booth at EHPS congress in Innsbruck, Austria

Information for EuroPsy during the EHPS Congress in Innsbruck, 26th – 30th August 2014

EuroPsy certificate Russia

EuroPsy certificate is awarded to the members of the Presidium of the Russian Psychological Society during Presidium meeting of the Russian Psychological Society (July 2014) and to the professors of the Lomonosov Moscow State University Faculty of Psychology during awarding master diplomas at Lomonosov Moscow State University (June 2014).

A Model of the Supervised Practice of Psychologists


  • Vlasta Zabukovec
  • Anja Podlesek
EuroPsy – Standards and Quality in Education for Professional Psychologists – Out Now!

The only comprehensive professional handbook on EuroPsy, the Europeanstandard and benchmark for education and training in psychology. This bookis mandatory reading for anyone involved with accreditation, education,quality assurance, and assessment of standards in psychology


  • Prof. Ingrid Lunt, Oxford
  • Prof. José Maria Peiro, Valencia
  • Prof. Ype H. Poortinga, Tilburg
  • Prof. Robert Roe, Maastricht
Article from "PsykologNYT" (DN) : En europæisk nyhed

Scan of page 14-15 from the Danish Psychological Journal “PsykologNYT” – November 2012.

Author : Nana Lykke

Article from "The Psychologist" (UK) : Society approved to Award EuroPsy

Scan of page 843 from the British Association journal “The Psychologist” – November 2011.

Authors : Ingrid Lunt (Chair, European Awarding Committee) and Peter Banister ( Chair, National Awarding Committee).

First EuroPsy certificates issued

The first EuroPsy certificates have been issued in Norway on December 10, 2010.