EuroPsy requires psychologists to

  • have an academic education in psychology of five years or more
  • have done at least one year of practice under the supervision of a qualified supervisor
  • provide evidence of current professional competence
  • subscribe to a statement on ethical conduct
  • engage in continued professional education

EuroPsy requires specialist-psychologists to

  • meet the requirements of the basic EuroPsy
  • have completed a postgraduate study of at least 400 hrs
  • have gathered postgraduate experience and training during at least 3 years
  • have done at least 500 hours of supervised specialized practice under supervision of a qualified supervisor, with at least 150 contact hours with the supervisor
  • provide evidence of current specialized professional competence

Detailed requirements can be found in the EuroPsy Regulations.


Continued Professional Development

Detailed requirements basic

  • First application
    • successful completion of a university curriculum in psychology of at least five years (300 ECTS) with the proper coverage.
    • evidence of supervised practice for a period of at least as one year (full-time) and satisfactory evaluations of professional competences by one or more accredited supervisors.
    • commitment to the principles of professional conduct set out in the MetaCode of Professional Ethics of EFPA and the code of ethics of the national association of psychology in the country of practice.
  • Application for renewal
    • renewal of the Certificate and Registration is necessary after 7 years
    • ≥ 400 hours of practice per year over 4 (out of 7) years
    • ≥ 80 hrs of CPD per year (of which > 40 documented); all this must be recorded

Detailed requirements specialized

  • First application
    • The applicant has to have obtained EuroPsy (basic)
    • see list of general criteria
    • a special regime applies to psychologists who obtained their specialized qualifications during the special pilot phase. They should contact the NAC in their country of practice.
  • Application for renewal
    • criteria to be developed

Professional Ethics of Psychologists

  • Al countries participating in EFPA have a codes of ethics for psychologists and a system for monitoring ethical conduct and sanctioning transgressions.
  • EuroPsy psychologists commit themselves to follow the ethical standards for psychologists laid down in the EFPA meta-Code and the national ethical code in the country of practice.
  • They submit themselves to the Ethical regime in the country of practice. This implies that transgressions of the national code can lead to removal from the EuroPsy register

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

  • CPD is not only an ethical obligation, it is also essential for maintaining professional competence.
  • EuroPsy psychologists should meet the following requirements:
    • 80 hours per year spent on the following activities (of which at least 40 hours certified).
      • Accredited courses or workshops (15-60%).
      • Skills development through practice at work (15-20%)
      • Intervisionor peer supervision meetings (10%-20%)
      • Professional or scientific conferences (10-20%)
      • (Co-)authorship of publications (max 30%).
      • Presentations to professional audiences (max 20%).
      • Editorial work (max 20%)

Last three shall not exceed 60%